The Pretty Procrastinator Planner 2014 LITE

The Pretty Procrastinator Planner is an undated printable planner designed for creative go-getters and chic entrepreneurs. - It helps you break down big chunks of work to highly doable tasks - It helps you kickstart your dream projects - It inspires both action and introspection - The chic design lightens up your planning mood - Inspires purpose-driven planning What's inside? I. THE COVERS 4 cover designs Title Page II. DREAM PLANNING includes This Year Sheet Idea Planner Dream Project Planner Dream Project Tracker III. THE ESSENTIALS include Yearly Planner (2 color schemes) Monthly Planner Weekly Planner Daily Planner Daily Check-In Bookmark Notes IV. BONUS Collage Stickers Note Stickers Recurring Tasks Scheduler • This version does not contain free monthly printables and PDF guide. IMPORTANT: Due to the digital nature of the product, we do not accept return and refund. Please make sure you 100% love the concept of The Pretty Procrastinator Planner.

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